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Füleky Tokaj Estate

Füleky Winery in Bodrogkeresztúr is much more than a winery. But it is not only their renovated Baroque mansion that makes it unique. From the outset their viticultural and vinicultural philosophy has been guided by quality.

György Brezovcsik

Founded in 1998 in the Baroque listed building, the winery was named after György Füleky, founding member of the First Tokaj Wine Growers’ Society. Péter Lovas has been the owner of the 14-hectare estate since 2007; György Brezovcsik is vineyard manager and winemaker.

Gyuri spends lots of time in the vineyards. His hobby and work are one and the same: to make the best possible Tokaji wines. “You could say I was born into a winemaking family. My Dad was a winemaker, Mum was a viticulturalist and microbiologist. Both were researchers. Being next to them it was natural for me that we would spend time in the vineyards with the vines. I went up the hill lots with my Dad when I was a child and I learnt loads from him. And one day it just became absolute love,” said György Brezovcsik who has been with the winery since the beginning.

“I joined Füleky in 1998. After several changes in owner and the economic depression of the 2000s, we started to develop. Thanks to the investments started in 2007 we can use high standard technology. The new winery was built in the historic centre of Bodrogkeresztúr. The oenological technology was modernised as we renovated the mansion too.”

Currently they work in 11 vineyards, and since 2015 they have been intensively working with single-vineyard wines (in 2017 they released five single vineyards: Kabar from Vinai, Sárgamuskotály from Dobai, Hárslevelű from Úrágya and Furmints from Mestervölgy and Király). These are made in just small quantities so they also require a smaller press. Furmint is the main variety. They are constantly experimenting in the vineyards and do all they can to get to know the different terroirs as well as they can, to discover the opportunities they present. There are three main pillars of their range: an excellent dry wine, Tokaji late harvest and 6 puttonyos Aszú.