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Basilicus winery and vineyard estate

Basilicus was founded by three good friends in 2009. The aim of their vineyard estate and Basilicus Wine Culture Centre is to bring cooperation between winemakers in the Tokaj Wine Region and raise the standard of tourism in the region. And the thought behind the winery is similar: to revive the magical atmosphere of the Tokaj Wine Region.

András Kanczler

The estate is centred in Tarcal, and they cultivate 10 hectares of land in 5 vineyards. Their wines are made according to artisan philosophy: with barrel fermentation and aging. Head winemaker András Kanczler came to the Tokaj Region 25 years ago. “I was born in the Mór Wine Region, and my Dad and even godfather made wines so it was a given that I would also be involved with vines and grapes. I liked it too, so I didn’t resist and chose horticulture and oenology. I came to Tokaj totally by accident. My partner had a contract with the Szerencs chocolate factory, so I came too and decided to look for work here. And that was already 25 years ago, but I’m very happy that it happened that way,” explained András Kanczler.

The vineyards are in Lapis, Mestervölgy, Fekete-hegy, Hosszú dűlő, Kövesd. Most of the lands are planted with Furmint and Hárslevelű. They have smaller areas of Sárgamuskotály and Kövérszőlő, and also a little Zéta and Kabar.

“We make our wines with great care and attention throughout the year as every step of the process has great significance. Whether it be a single-vineyard dry wine or a rich sweet wine. So, they give the full experience even if you’re tasting wine at home,” added András, who also spent six months learning about making perfect wines in France.

“The Tokaj Wine Region gives all wine lovers a unique experience. If we can attract someone here, and they hear about the wines from an expert, as they do here at Basilicus, (we hold wine tasting events every day), then they will really be able to enjoy the area. Everyone should see Tokaj once. And then they will want to return to the Zemplén Mountains, to the rivers Bodrog and Tisza, and then they will fall in love with them. But no one will be a Tokaji lover before they come here said the head winemaker of Basilicus Winery who, if he isn’t drinking Tokaji wine at home, enjoys a glass of rosé or light red wine.