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On the historic main street of Tarcal, Könyves Kálmán, a tastefully renovated 6-person family house apartment is available. It has two bedrooms, living room, well-equipped kitchen, dining room, small garden and terrace. 3915 Tarcal, Könyves Kálmán utca 10.

Katica Guesthouse is a great starting point for discovering the sights of the area. Lovely routes take you up to the top of Tokaj Hill or you can wander through the vineyards to Bodrogkeresztúr or to Tarcal’s newest attractions, the statue of Blessing Christ. 3915 Tarcal, Kossuth utca 7. Tel: +3630 9564 654

We have two guesthouses for guests coming for a longer stay. Right next to the winery is the Small House (Kisház) that accommodates 6 and opposite is the Courthouse (Udvarház) for 10 people. Both houses have a shared dining room and well-equipped kitchen. Spacious rooms, large garden, birds singing and peace for all! The garden of the larger house runs down to the embankment of the river Bodrog. Tel: +36 20 391 83 28 3916 Bodrogkeresztúr, Kossuth Lajos utca 103.