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Füleky Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013


We had to wait a long time for this balanced vintage which gave excellent grapes, but in 2013 we were able to make one of the world’s most delicious noble sweet wines once again. Its minerality and complexity make this silky Aszú that is waiting to be discovered of aszú berries selected in three villages in the Tokaj Wine Region: Bodrogkeresztúr, Tokaj and Mád. Candied orange and pistachio in the mouth; sage, clove, basil and dried fig notes in the nose. Its acidity makes the wine fresh and easy to drink, guaranteeing huge aging potential. A worthy accompaniment to weekend family lunches with goose liver, mature cheeses and desserts made of dried fruits or even meat dishes. Chill to 12-14 °C.



Alcohol.: 10 %vol

Sugar: 170 g/liter

Acidity: 7,7 g/liter

Bottle: 500 ml

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Additional information

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