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Bott Cellar Kulcsár


The vineyard Kulcsár dűlő can probably be traced back to a family name. The first surviving mention is in a document from 1644 in which it was listed as part of an inheritance. Part of the range of hills between Erdőbénye and Tolcsva, it belongs administratively to Olaszliszka. It is planted with 100 % Hárslevelű vines. Our vines are on a high plateau at the foot of a rhyolite volcano. It all likelihood the lava formed a rhyolite carpet millions of years ago. During years of deep ploughing the carpet has been broken up and come to the surface. So the visitor finds a sea of rocks under the vines. Here we cultivate vines that are around 55 years old. Organic cultivation, spontaneous fermentation in the cellar, aging in oak barrels.



Bottle: 750 ml

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