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Boating on the river Bodrog

Five river cruise boats have already been presented to the public, and in the coming days another five will arrive so the summer boat cruise season on the Bodrog can start by the beginning of June.

Sólyom boat

In 2018 Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán opened the Tokaj Water Tours Centre established primarily to serve the needs of lovers of water sports. But also kept in mind are those who simply want to have a lovely time so they provided a place for river cruise boats to moor. This tourist project has now reached a new stage. Boating on the Bodrog will start on 1st June. At the press conference MP for the region Ferenc Koncz, government commissioner for Active Hungary Máriusz Révész and the mayor of Tokaj György Posta summarised the services on offer. They said that the boats have bathrooms so guests can wash and cook and spend the night on the water. Visitors can explore the treasures of the towns and villages along the rivers Bodrog and Tisza. Tourists can take the 2-, 4- and 8-person boats after a short instruction and can set off for a water tour of discovery – even for a few days.

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