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Richárd Hörcsik, winemaker PortiusWinery was built on the historic row of cellars on Gombos Hill in 2006, but its history dates back to the 1950s. A special atmosphere surrounds the cellar, which was named after the estate by Robert Wojciech Portius, Polish wine merchant in the 17th century. Richárd Hörcsik winemaker The cellar row,one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Tokaj Wine Region,is located on Gombos-hegy, a hill onthe edge of Hercegkút, just 3 km from Sárospatak. The four-floorPortiuscellar, carved in rows above each other, evokes the traditional cellar culture, the way of life of the old peasant world. It’s a beautiful sight itself and a great destination for

The history of the Babits family in the Tokaj Wine Region stretches back to the time of Béla IV (13th century) when Italian settlers came to the region to bring modern technology for vine cultivation and winemaking. The winemaking traditions have since been passed down the generations. “Someone in the family has always been involved in growing grapes and wine. And they always did it in a quantity and quantity appropriate to the time. And I was practically born into this medium. There are three of us but I am the only one who saw a future and possibilities and love so I stayed here and am still doing

Carpinus Winery belongs to brother and sister Edit Bai and Bai István. They would like to show it is possible to run a winery that holds its own on the world wine market in the Tokaj Wine Region with professionality without compromises and the family working together. The winery was named after their vineyard which is currently their largest, Gyertyános dűlő which is Hornbeam in English (Carpinus is the Latin name). Founded in 2013, they had already presented a serious range by 2015 and from that year already had single-vineyard Furmints and serious barrel selections. There was never any question as to whether grapes and vines would be part

Rémusz Dávid arrived with his family in 1996 in Erdőbénye where they transformed a run-down hunting lodge built in 1650 into a stunning mansion. The building with cellar somehow just became the centre of their life. Rémusz Dávid The cellar in the estate and the village of Erdőbénye had a great effect on Rémusz from the start. The Tokaj atmosphere put its stamp on his life here. “I never had a childhood dream or desire to become a winemaker. It’s true I always loved nature and I knew I would have something to do with it, but I never dreamed of this. I grew up in a village, so agriculture

Basilicus was founded by three good friends in 2009. The aim of their vineyard estate and Basilicus Wine Culture Centre is to bring cooperation between winemakers in the Tokaj Wine Region and raise the standard of tourism in the region. And the thought behind the winery is similar: to revive the magical atmosphere of the Tokaj Wine Region. András Kanczler The estate is centred in Tarcal, and they cultivate 10 hectares of land in 5 vineyards. Their wines are made according to artisan philosophy: with barrel fermentation and aging. Head winemaker András Kanczler came to the Tokaj Region 25 years ago. “I was born in the Mór Wine Region, and

In 2000 Sarolta Bárdos and Péter Molnár founded Tokaj Nobilis. They wanted to create an artisan winery whose outstanding quality wines would reflect the distinctive nature of the vineyard and the variety as well as the creators’ relationship with nature. Sarolta Bárdos “I’m from the Tokaj Wine Region. I was born here, and my grandparents lived here too. Being surrounded by vineyards and the love of nature were natural to me. There was never any question whether I wanted to work in it,” said Sárolta Bardos who, when she graduated from university, found that there were not many women winemakers. “In the beginning it was unusual for a woman to choose

Kikelet Winery is a family winery founded by Stéphanie Berecz and her husband Zsolt Berecz in Tarcal in 2002. Their philosophy is to always accept the qualities of the given vintage as they believe it is not desirable to work against nature. Stephanie Berecz Born in the Loire Valley, Stéphanie graduated as a winemaking engineer in Bordeaux in 1994, but she had encountered winemaking much much earlier. “My father had a small vineyard and as a child I spent lots of time there. Actually my older brother was also quite a gourmet. He harvested and bottled wines and had a really good little cellar. So my main hobby became gardening.

Patricius Winery was created by the Kékessy family’s commitment to winemaking that draws from the past and future. The owners are Dezső Kékessy and his daughter Katinka Kékessy. Ancestors on both the paternal and maternal sides were renowned vineyard owners in Mátraalja and the Tokaj Wine Region from the 18th century. Péter Molnár Construction of the Patricius estate started in the early 2000s in Várhegy-dűlő, Bodrogkisfalud. Estate director Péter Molnár, who already knew as a small child that this would be his profession, is linked to nature by a thousand strands. “I grew up as a country boy in a small village. Nature was one of my basic needs and when