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Traditional Winemaking

“In Tokaj-Hegyalja with the right humility and good organization we have every opportunity to improve one of the most unique wine regions in the world. Of course, for that we have a lot of work to do. In 2018-19 we worked to create a system, to create the structure and the strategy so the work could begin,” said Péter Molnár, president of the Tokaj Wine Region Council of Wine Communities. More…

Our History

Tokaj wine region - timeline

Tokaj in written sources


First known mention of the name Tokaj in written sources.

First mention of the Szentkereszt (Holy Cross) Vineyard


First mention of the Szentkereszt (Holy Cross) Vineyard as part of the Tokaj Holy Cross Knights Hospitallers.

Hill in Tokaj


First reference to Tarcalhegye, the hill in Tokaj today called Kopasz-hegy.

First mention of the historic Mézesmál Vineyard


First mention of the historic Mézesmál Vineyard that lies between Tokaj and Tarcal as part of the vineyard estates of the Holy Cross Convent in Ipolyság (today Šahy, Slovakia).

Wine from Tokaj was mentioned for the first time.


Wine from Tokaj was mentioned for the first time. According to the lawsuit, a consignment belonging to the Order of St Stephen Monastery in Budafelhévíz was looted by people serving the noble Kállay family.

The royal free towns of Bártfa and Kassa


The royal free towns of Bártfa and Kassa (today Bardejov and Košice in Slovakia) started to buy their vineyard estates in Nagy Sátor in Abaújszántó and Hasznos in Tállya.

Our Story

Tokaj-Hegyalja Magyarország leggazdagabb történelmi hagyományokkal rendelkező borvidéke. Egyedivé sajátos termőhelyei, sokszínű geológiai és talajtani adottságai mellett gazdag történelme teszi: históriája olyan nagyhírű borvidékkel vetekedik, mint a franciaországi Burgundia és Rhône-völgy, vagy az itáliai Piemonte és Toscana.

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Aszu (botrytised)

One of the most special wines in the world. The noble rot berries are picked individually from the bunch, selected several times from the same plot during the long harvest. They are macerated (soaked) in a base wine and then pressed and fermented in wooden barrels. During bottle aging the flavours develop into a refined harmony. A good Tokaji Aszú is characterised by elegant balance and creaminess.

Sparkling Wine

Tokaji pezsgő are made using the methode traditionelle – bottle aging and fermentation. A subtle minerality accompanies the whole flavour sensation, leaving behind long finishes. Freshness, roundedness, beautiful acidity, elegance. The bubbles help the flavours of the wine come through.


Dry Tokaji Wines

The “vinum ordinarium” was for centuries the Tokaj Wine Region wine that people drank regularly. It can be made from one variety or several. A special wine for everyday drinking – with all the Tokaj magic! The unique characters of the varieties match the subtle minerality of the terroirs giving a superb aroma and flavour profile to the wines.


The word Szamorodni comes from Slavic languages and means born of itself. The wine is made from grapes that are not yet all aszú berries. Both healthy and botrytised wines are pressed together. Szamorodni wines typically have subtle barrel notes. Depending on the sugar content they can be dry or sweet.



Bunches selected for these wines contain both noble shrivelled grapes and healthy ones. The bunches are pressed then the must is fermented. Late harvest wines are generally fresher, fruitier. Dynamic and very drinkable.